Allison Mayer Interview

Allison Mayer, Witness with Images

Allison Mayer is a photojournalist, using images to tell true stories and to help us understand the world. She describes herself as witness, storyteller and artist. She reminds us not to get so caught up in the story we want to tell that we miss the story unfolding before us.

[00:00:33] Allison describes her role with nonprofit organizations and NGOs across the world. She helps collect media for fund raising and awareness, and develops complete marketing plans.

[00:02:38] It’s important to capture the full story, even if that story is never told in public. “To me it’s all about making that connection and really treating everybody I meet with the respect that they deserve.”

[00:03:45] “I want people to authentically share what they feel is their life.”

Allison Mayer, humanitarian photographer

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