Mary Valloni Interview

Ep. 59: Replay: Fundraising Freedom, with Mary Valloni

What’s keeping your nonprofit or ministry from being fully funded?
Mary Valloni lays down some truth to help us overcome the lies we believe about money and fundraising. Plus, simple things you can do today to start your journey to Fully Funded.

Resources for NPO

Ep. 50: Start with these Fundraising Resources

So many of us start because of passion, but then run into a wall because fundraising feels like begging. After 14 years in the nonprofit/ministry space, here are 8 of my favorite fundraising resources.

Glass with water - from above


Is the glass half full or half empty?
Sometimes we don’t have the information we need to fully appreciate the depth of what’s before us.


Crows and the Pretty Birds

At some point in my daily walk, I realized the only birds I heard were crows.

Quote-would they be happy


In non-profit storytelling, there are several factors to consider as you tell a story. The organization is telling someone’s story, and that person is often in a vulnerable position. “I often wondered, if our clients read these stories would they be happy with the way we portrayed them?”

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