How to Beat Imposter Syndrome, with Jennifer Harshman

Jennifer Harshman works with writers and entrepreneurs, and she sees imposter syndrome on a regular basis. But how do we get past it?

Jennifer Harshman's tips to beat imposter syndrome

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Imposter syndrome is that feeling many of us get when we start something new, where we question our qualifications, our abilities, or even our right to be involved at all. Jennifer Harshman works with people who want to make a difference, mostly writers and entrepreneurs. She says imposter syndrome is something we can all struggle with, but there are ways to overcome it.

Here are some ways to tackle imposter syndrome:

  • Talk back to your inner critic
  • Strike a power pose
  • Take a small step every day
  • Celebrate taking that small step, no matter how it goes

When you’re faced with a new challenge, break it down into the smallest steps you can and take some small action on it. Do this quickly, and don’t get pulled into the trap of overthinking it or over-researching (which can be a form of procrastination), just get started as soon as you possibly can. It doesn’t have to be a big step. A small step will do. Small steps keep inertia from setting in, and you can make a surprising amount of progress with small steps carried out consistently over time.

What’s your strategy to beat imposter syndrome?


Jennifer Harshman shows people who want to make a difference exactly what to put in their books and blog posts and where, so they get the clarity and confidence they need to start writing immediately.

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