Redeem your gift card

Now that you’ve received a Mission Writers gift card/voucher, you’ll need to follow these instructions.

Go to the checkout page for your product:

On the checkout page, click “Apply coupon code” in the Order Summary. this will open a small text box where you can enter the code. from your gift voucher.

screenshot of the checkout page, with the coupon code circled

Type the code* from your gift voucher into the box. Now your total checkout amount should be $0.00.

Click “Buy Now” and you’re enrolled! You’ll get an email telling you how to log in. Look for an email from Teachable, and also one from me (Kay).

All of my courses are located at – bookmark this page for easy access to your course.

*The code on your voucher is unique to you, and is good for one use only. It may not be shared or reused.

If you have any problems with the code, contact me at the support email on your voucher.

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